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A fantastic garden room made from Western Red Cedar offering unparalleled performance, natural warmth and incredible durability.

Glass to ground double glazing allows natural light to pour into the building, giving you the feeling of being out in your garden all year round.

The Hanley is available with a choice of three different roof styles to suit all requirement - Apex, Hipped or Flat.
Double glazed throughout with energy saving glass and insulation to the walls, roof and floor to a high standard (see technical specification details) which makes this room available for all year round use.

Glass to ground windows to the front with double doors and one glass to ground window in each end plus two privacy ventilation windows to the rear of the building. Extra windows and doors can be added if desired.
Optional upgrades

Windows & Doors:   Additional windows to increase the amount of natural light or extra doors for different access points.

Roof Velux:   Maximise the natural light in your building by adding Velux roof windows.

Pressure Treated Cedar Shingle Roof:   Enhance the look and longevity of your building by adding pressure treated cedar shingles to the roof.

Coloured External Finish:   Choose one of the many different coloured paint options.

Laminate Floors:    Decorate the floor of your building with one of the laminate floor options.

Internal Wall Partitions:   Create rooms within a room with internal wall partitions with a solid or half glazed internal door.

Guttering:   Guttering and downpipes can be added all round on the hipped. 
Garden Buildings
Garden Buildings
Malvern Hanley Hipped
Opening Times:

 (1st March - 31st October)

Monday:  9am - 5.30pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am -5.30pm
Friday: 9am -5.30pm
Saturday: 9am -5.30pm
Sunday: 10.30am -4.30pm

(1st November - 28th Feb)
Monday:  9am - 5.00pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am -5.00pm
Friday: 9am -5.00pm
Saturday: 9am -5.00pm
Sunday: 10.30am -4.30pm

Bank Holidays
9am - 5.30pm

Closed Easter Sunday

Closed Christmas Day 
through to New Years Day

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Sizes from 10' x 8' to 24' x 12'             Prices from £18,405 to £58,260