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Planning Permission
Garden Buildings
In the majority of cases planning permission is not required for your greenhouse.

You may require planning permission if you meet any of the criteria below:

-          You want to put your greenhouse in the front garden where it will be highly visible to passers-by and it is not replacing an existing garden building.

-          You live in an area designated as a National Park or an area of outstanding natural beauty.

-          Your house is a listed building.

-          The total greenhouse height is larger than 2.5m (8ft3) and is closer than 2m to the edge of the boundary of your property.

-          50% or more of your garden is occupied by garden buildings.

This set of rules is just a guideline, it is not a definitive list. If you’re in any doubt you should contact your local council.

* If you decide to put your greenhouse on a wall, or raised base and the ridge height is over 4m (13’2) or the eaves height (gutter height) is greater than 2.5m (8ft3) then planning permission will be required – As standard none of our greenhouse are this big