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For over 60 years, amateur and professional growers alike have recognised Robinsons as being at the very forefront of the greenhouse world. Renowned for their strength, precision engineering and practical features, Robinsons greenhouses are still the benchmark against which other greenhouses are measured. If you want the best in your garden, then keep reading!

Established in 1947, Robinsons of Winchester quickly grew to be a famous name in greenhouses – originally with cedar greenhouses and often with commercial greenhouses. Many famous garden centres were made by Robinsons at one time. In the late 80s and 90s Robinsons really established itself as the best quality domestic greenhouse – insisting on using more aluminium in the frames for strength. We first became Robinsons agents in 1989, just after we bought a Robinsons greenhouse and realised that there was no local agent in our area! Since then, we have grown to one of the largest major distributors for Robinsons.In July 2011 The Greenhouse People became the owners of Robinsons Greenhouses. That original greenhouse bought in 1988 is still going strong and so are the Robinsons sales!

All the Robinsons greenhouses are made by us in our Staffordshire factory.
Standard features

Robinsons greenhouses have a reputation as the best aluminium greenhouse money can buy. The frame work is super strong, using the unique Robinsons box section technology which makes the glazing bars extrememly strong and also far neater than other makes. This generous use of extra aluminium results in a greenhouse with up to 35% more aluminium than other makes. Other features include:

  • A low level door threshold providing easy access for wheelbarrows or wheelchairs.
  • Screw in bar capping, with cover caps to hide the screws.
  • High eaves, at least 5ft in the greenhouse range.
  • Toughened safety glass (4mm), about seven times stronger than normal horticultural glass.
  • Gutters and downpipes always included in the price.
  • Automatic opening window vents, as standard.
  • Super strong box section glazing bars