Logstore & Logtidy

Malvern Toolstore
Tidystore, Logstore and Logtidy Store  Features

• Pressure treated deal throughout
• Green polyester mineral felt
• Tongue and groove timber roof and floor
• Double doors on the 6' wide Tidystore and single door on the 2 other Tidystores.
• Padbolt door catch on the Tidystore
• Slatted floor and sides on the Logstore to aid ventilation       
• Combination of the Logstore and the Tidystore to create the Logtidy Store.
Options Available

• Pressure treated slatted roof   • Black or Red polyester mineral felt:  • Pressure treated floor bearers

Garden Buildings
Sizes from 3' x 3' to 6' x 3'

Prices from £315 to £1,165